Hippy Market

If you're up for some shopping and fun....

Have you heard about Ibiza's famous Hippy Market? It's one of the island top attractions and a must-see for every holidaymaker. But that's not the only market you can visit, there are many happening all over the island, so wherever you stay you can enjoy a fabulous shopping experience.


Every year we're asked... so here's our guide.

Ibiza is known for parties, for spirituality and barefoot bohemia. But it also has an extraordinary number of sensational beaches, from wild-and-free bays to perfect little white-sand coves. Here's where to find the very best beaches on our island.

Check out Santa Gertrudis

Just a few minutes drive from the Villa...

At the centre of the island, the village of Santa Gertrudis is often known as Ibiza in one village. It has the perfect mix of arts, culture, hippies and traditional fincas along with an array of shops and restaurants to relax the day away.

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